Evangelism without Confrontation

Did you miss my course Evangelism without Confrontation? No problem! Podcasts of the classes are posted below. You can also download handouts I reference. Study along with me at your own convenience. 

image via Michal Marcol at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

image via Michal Marcol at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

3/19/2014 – Lesson 1: Why witness? Why use questions to witness? Listen here.

4/2/2014 – Lessons 2 & 3: Living authentically and putting fear in its place. Listen here.

4/9/2014 – Lesson 4: 5 questions to understand someone else’s spirituality. Listen here. Download the handout 5 Questions.

4/16/2014 Lesson 5: 4 scriptures that allow others to discover the Gospel themselves. Listen here. Download the handout 4 Scriptures.

4/23/2014 Lesson 6: 5 concluding questions to help someone decide if they want to become a Christ-follower. Listen here. Download the handout 5 Concluding Questions.

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