The majority of Christians understand that we have a responsibility to share the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ with others (Matthew 28:19).

But we don’t do it. 

For a lot of reasons.

In part, we just don’t care enough about others’ salvations. We’re caught up in our own lives and don’t make sharing the Gospel a priority.

We also tend not to share the Gospel because we feel ill-equipped to do so. We haven’t had any formal training, we haven’t memorized any special verses, and if someone asks us a question we don’t know the answer to, we’ll feel mortified.

Some of us also fear that if we talk about Jesus we’ll come across as narrow-minded or judgmental. We don’t want to lose respect in others’ eyes, and we really don’t want to lose relationships with people because we broached the taboo subject of religion.

The good news is we can rectify all of these concerns and get on with our God-mandated duty to tell others about Jesus. 

Beginning March 19th I am teaching a 6-week course that will show you how to evangelize without confrontation by using a non-threatening, question-based approach to witnessing. We will learn the benefits of a question-based approach, what questions and scriptures to use while witnessing, and I will share some stories of how I have seen this method used effectively.

Hope you can join me!


This course is open to women and is free of charge. Childcare is provided. Please register online ahead of time if you can.