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Kelly Levatino

I motivate women to passionately pursue Jesus for their good and His glory.

Who am I?

I am a Christian communicator who helps
people realize their personal need for the
Bible, inspiring and empowering them to
study it themselves, and equipping them to
become skilled disciple-makers.

One way I do this is by speaking at events, retreats, and conferences

I also tell a lot of jokes.

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Speaking Topics

What, Exactly, is His Grace Sufficient For?

We’ve all heard the saying before, “His grace is sufficient!” We may have even been quick to toss it at someone who was suffering. But, what, exactly, did Paul mean when he penned that statement to the Corinthian church? And what does it mean for us today? Discover how a complete understanding of this passage can benefit you and glorify Him!

Calculating Grace (and finding it doesn’t add up)

 I, like many Christians, spend far too much time trying to understand why God loves us and wants anything to do with us. We know He does, but we often feel like we can’t accept His love. When we do the math–our sinfulness + accepting Jesus’ sacrifice = unlimited grace–we find it doesn’t add up. And that is precisely the beauty of it.

I Once was Lost

Despite my having lived in “the Bible belt” for more than half my life, I haven’t always been a Christian. In fact, I used to be a staunch atheist. My conversion story will renew your resolve to love the lost in your life and help you learn how to reach them. 

Real words from real people

Who really heard me speak.

(and really liked it.)


"Kelly's manner of speaking is amazing! She can draw a crowd in, she unapologetically brings in scriptural truth. It doesn't matter age or background, to have listened to her will move you...to want to know more about the Lord."

Monika West

"Kelly does such a good job at reaching people of all ages. Whether you're 70 or 15 in high school, her story will touch you, and she is great at engaging whoever her audience is."

Amy Hobbs

"I absolutely loved hearing Kelly's testimony...she has such an honest perspective coming from someone who had never ever heard the gospel."

Taylor Allison

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