Exodus 7: The One with All the Blood

Chapters 1-6 set the scene for the infamous 10 plagues God would inflict upon Egypt as judgment for not letting His people go worship Him. In chapter 7, God gets down to business.

The first plague is the “Plague of Blood,” during which a lot of, most of, or all of–you be the judge–Egypt’s freshwater sources turn to blood (or did they?).

Check out the video for some interesting background on this plague and to see what my unbrushed hair looks like.

exodus 6

Exodus 6: Wherein God Says His Name 4,091 Times

In Exodus 6 one of God’s main points is for Moses to understand who God is. So He repeats His name approximately 4,091 times.

(Not really, but it’s a lot.)

((And if I don’t clarify that He didn’t literally say His name 4,091 times in chapter 6, one day, when I’m 53, someone will dig up this post to show the world that I am a liar with terrible theology and that I lead people astray. Be that as it may, it certainly cannot be backed up by this particular post. So. Try again, haters! Muhahahahaha!))

(((Well, that took a turn.)))


God also tells Moses what He is going to do during the event that will become known as The Exodus.

And then Moses wraps up chapter 6 with his and Aaron’s genealogy to make it overkillingly clear which Moses and Aaron this story is about.

Check out the video here.

exodus 5

Exodus 5: That Time Moses Got Lippy with God (Again)

The Exodus 5 video is now live for your enjoyment. At the start of chapter 5, everyone is still high from worshiping God upon hearing of His amazing plan to free them, as was recorded at the end of chapter 4. By the end of chapter 5, everyone hates Moses and he takes it out on God. So. Totally applicable to our lives today.


exodus 4

Exodus 4: That Time Moses Kept Arguing with God

Today’s video on Exodus 4 highlights Moses’ penchant for letting fear and self-doubt prompt him to argue with God for a really long time. Moses’ fear of failing was greater than his fear of God. I’m glad I don’t struggle with that ever.

Oh, and don’t forget, the entire time Moses is throwing out excuses as to why he shouldn’t obey, GOD IS IN A FLAMING BUSH RIGHT BEFORE HIS VERY EYES.

Exodus 1: How Moses was Almost Never Born

Clearly, I am in no mood to write. However, I am still having the thoughts about the stuff. So I am trying a new medium for awhile: YouTube.

That’s right, I am leaping into 2005!

The idea is to share 5-10 minute videos every other day-ish that cover 1 chapter of the Bible.

I’m starting in Exodus because starting in Genesis is so 2004.

I will not promise I will have showered or put on make up or brushed my hair. But I will promise to provide insight and application that may or may not be useful. I will not promise mistake-free teaching, but I will promise to never knowingly teach heresy.

So. Give the first video a watch and see what you think. If you like it, share it and subscribe to my channel to get each new video right when I post them.

Please and thank you.