Exodus 15

Exodus 15: From Praising to Complaining in Three Verses

After God delivers them through the Red Sea, the Israelites break out in song. And then three verses later they break out in complaining. Just like you and I do. Check out the rest of chapter 15 here.

Exodus 14

Exodus 14: Something about a Sea

Sometimes God tells you to do crazy sounding things…like turn around and go back to where you’ve just come from so the hard-headed, tyrannical king to whom you used to be cruelly enslaved can attack you.

At least that’s what He tells the Hebrews to do in Exodus 14.

And when they obey this madness, He blesses them in magnificent fashion by saving them in miraculous fashion and following through on His previous promises in dramatic fashion.

And sometimes He does that with us, too. He asks us to so something seemingly nuts, and then He blesses us crazy amounts when we obey. (Ex., trust Jesus is who He says He is and will do what He says He will.)

Sometimes I wonder if He doesn’t make a game out of it just to amuse Himself. I definitely would if I were God. Which means He probably doesn’t.

ANYWAY. Hear more in my Exodus 14 video.

Exodus 13

Exodus 13: Remember the Alamo. And What God Did in Egypt.

God’s big on passing down stories from generation to generation. Particularly stories that show new generations God’s faithfulness. Why? Because hearing another person’s testimony about something or Someone can be the single drop of gasoline that starts a fire in someone else. It’s one thing to know about God; it’s another to hear people tell of their firsthand experiences with God.

In Exodus 13 God establishes some reminders of how He freed he Israelites from slavery in Egypt and admonishes the people to pass those reminders on.

*Note: there is no mention of the actual Alamo in Exodus 13.