Exodus 13

Exodus 13: Remember the Alamo. And What God Did in Egypt.

God’s big on passing down stories from generation to generation. Particularly stories that show new generations God’s faithfulness. Why? Because hearing another person’s testimony about something or Someone can be the single drop of gasoline that starts a fire in someone else. It’s one thing to know about God; it’s another to hear people tell of their firsthand experiences with God.

In Exodus 13 God establishes some reminders of how He freed he Israelites from slavery in Egypt and admonishes the people to pass those reminders on.

*Note: there is no mention of the actual Alamo in Exodus 13.

exodus 12

Exodus 12: Wherein Pharaoh Kicks Out the Hebrews

In Exodus 12 Pharaoh finally comes to his senses and not only allows the Hebrews to go worship, He forces them to go. And not only is he forcing them to go for the allotted 3-day weekend Moses had asked for, Pharaoh forces them to go permanently. To find out why, watch this handy dandy video.

exodus 8

Exodus 8: Frogs, Gnats, Flies, Etc.

Plagues 2-4 are outlined in Exodus 8 because, apparently, Pharaoh was none too worried about a “God” who turned the entire Nile River into blood on command. So God threw some other phenomena at him.

God knew Pharoah wouldn’t be impressed by frogs or gnats or flies either, but other Egyptians would begin to realize the God of the Hebrews was real and a force to be reckoned with.

Learn more in my Exodus 8 video.

Exodus 7: The One with All the Blood

Chapters 1-6 set the scene for the infamous 10 plagues God would inflict upon Egypt as judgment for not letting His people go worship Him. In chapter 7, God gets down to business.

The first plague is the “Plague of Blood,” during which a lot of, most of, or all of–you be the judge–Egypt’s freshwater sources turn to blood (or did they?).

Check out the video for some interesting background on this plague and to see what my unbrushed hair looks like.