In Exodus 6 one of God’s main points is for Moses to understand who God is. So He repeats His name approximately 4,091 times.

(Not really, but it’s a lot.)

((And if I don’t clarify that He didn’t literally say His name 4,091 times in chapter 6, one day, when I’m 53, someone will dig up this post to show the world that I am a liar with terrible theology and that I lead people astray. Be that as it may, it certainly cannot be backed up by this particular post. So. Try again, haters! Muhahahahaha!))

(((Well, that took a turn.)))


God also tells Moses what He is going to do during the event that will become known as The Exodus.

And then Moses wraps up chapter 6 with his and Aaron’s genealogy to make it overkillingly clear which Moses and Aaron this story is about.

Check out the video here.