Hey, Moms,

Thanksgiving has come and gone. I think I managed to have the children complete 6 out of 28 “things they are thankful for leaves” for our Thanksgiving tree.

Encouragement For Moms During Advent

I can’t decide whether I’m proud of that number or embarrassed… On the one hand, I’m surprised we got that many done, given that this craft-adverse mama couldn’t psych herself up enough to start the project until the week of Thanksgiving… 6 is pretty impressive when you look at it that way.

And now Advent season is coming, and we moms feel the pressure once again to “make memories” with our little ones and point them to Christ so they don’t lose Him somewhere in the wrapping paper, but, honestly, few of us really believe we can do that without making ourselves flat crazy…

But before we pull out our brown paper bags – to hyperventilate in, not to create some glitter-laden, pipe-cleaner reindeer head – there’s some truth we need to remind ourselves of…

Those 6 days of Thanksgiving leaves – taped to the mantle because this mom couldn’t fit in a trip to a craft store to find some decorative branches, and just what would I put them in anyway? – those 6 days of reading thankful scriptures and leading little ones in scrawling their own thanks in crayon on the back of each leaf and taking the time to tell the Giver, “Thank You” – were better than none. 

Read that again, Mom.

Some is better than none.

Whatever effort we make during Advent will be better than nothing, too.

Because He was never after crafts anyway.

The best thing you can do for your kids during Advent?

Take the time YOURSELF to marvel at the grand orchestra that is the redemption of mankind through one… little… baby. When we are in awe of Him, our kids will find Him awe-some as well – the real point of Advent.

I want to wait with bated breath for Christmas morning to finally arrive because the true story that God became baby to save you and me from ourselves is just. too. good.

And if there are no homemade cookies and popsicle stick snowflakes made by little hands too sprinkle and glitter happy, that’s ok, because the waiting for the unfolding of God’s redemption plan – from the Fall til that first Christmas morning, from His ascension til His return – poised on the edge of our seats – that is enough.

Because He was never after crafts anyway.

No, He’s after our hearts.

It’s hard to keep this focus. Understatement, I know.

But I know something that can help because just reading the introduction has already helped me. It’s a new Advent devotional book called The Greatest Gift by One Thousand Gifts author, Ann Voskamp. I could not be more excited about this resource I am using to right MY heart, and, lucky for us, these are on sale for $7 at Lifeway today.

You need to read this book. Your kids need you to read this book. A few pages each day will keep the awe of Christ in the front of your mind – on the whole of your heart – front and center for your little ones to see, to feel.

And if you manage to bake some cookies with them somewhere between now and Christmas morning, consider yourself an overachiever.

♥ Kelly