New Feature: Podcasts

I’m entering new territory with the How to Study the Bible course I started teaching at my church last week: my classes are being recorded (audio only, whew) and posted on the web for the ENTIRE INTERNET TO HEAR. Praise the Lord I am not being LIVE BROADCASTED like some poor souls (Beth, Priscilla, pastors everywhere, I am in awe).

image via Michal Marcol at
image via Michal Marcol at

In light of this new development, I’ve added a “Podcasts” page to this website, which you can access via the “Podcasts” tab in the menu above. I will update it weekly with new recordings from my course. I’ll also add files of the worksheets I reference in the recordings so you can download them and follow along if you’re so inclined. Lastly, there is a comment box at the bottom of the page for any questions you have along the way and/or for you to let me know you’d like an email notification when new podcasts are posted.

Thanks for studying along with me. I pray this course will give you a few more tools in your Bible study toolbox and a lot more excitement and passion for studying the Word yourself.



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