It’s Not Too Late

Last week I started teaching the new course I’ve been advertising, How to Study the Bible.


My church is recording each class (audio only, whew) and creating podcasts for students who have to miss a week here and there. And boy am I learning a few things.

Like how crucial it is to make sure the device really is recording before I teach half my lesson…

And how, contrary to my belief, I really do have a southern accent…

And how self-conscious I am about THE ENTIRE INTERNET having access to my podcasts…

I digress.

The real point of this post, against all my better judgment, is to share with you the link to the introduction to my course. It’s about 10 minutes. If you’re considering taking the class, give it a listen. After you listen, if you’re still interested in joining me on Wednesday nights, it’s not too late! Send me a quick email ( to let me know you’re coming so I’ll have enough workbooks.

Look forward to studying together!


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