Or maybe I should say certain hope.

Yes, certain hope – sure, confident, and able to be trusted.  Guaranteed.  Unwavering.  Unconditional. Unparalleled.

This is the kind of hope you and I have access to through Christ Jesus.

Life, in order to be lived without fear, requires this kind of hope.  People, circumstances, religious systems, money, ourselves, beer, art – none of these can provide the surety I’m speaking of.

There is only One.

“I am the Lord; those who hope in me will not be disappointed,” (Isaiah 49:23).

There is power in this verse.  Those who hope in God will not be disappointed!  That is a guarantee from the lips of the One True God.

If we who hope in God are disappointed, that makes God a liar.  Which goes against His character.  Which He cannot do.

To be clear, believers may be disappointed from time to time.  This verse, however, speaks to the future.  We may be disappointed with circumstances now, but, if we hope in Him, we will not be disappointed…  in the end.

We will find our hoping in Him was not in vain!

He cannot break His promise.

Certain hope.

Hope in the Lord; you will not be disappointed.