Soooooo many times in the Bible people are encouraged to remember what the Lord has done for them.  Why? Because we tend to forget His work in our lives.  When we don’t ACTIVELY pursue remembering, we forget.

And when we forget how He has been faithful to us, how He has provided for us, how He has delivered us, etc., we tend to lack trust and faith when we find ourselves in new trials and tribulations.  It’s as if all the deposits God has made in our “trust funds” were for nothing.  New problems come, and if we don’t remember His previous deposits, we approach new problems with a spiritually bankrupt perspective.

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Couple that idea with the commands to tell our children of His character and deeds, and you have two great reasons to record YOUR spiritual legacy.  What I mean by that is to actually sit down and write out specific ways God has acted in you and your family’s lives.  Get on paper descriptions of His activity in as much detail as possible.

Then, when you are unable to remember how He has been faithful to you, you can pull that record out and remind yourself.  That will strengthen YOUR faith as well as the faith of your family members when THEY face hard times.  As your children become old enough to understand, share your stories of God’s goodness with them, increasing THEIR faith.

You can be as creative as you want to be with this.  Some people grab a spiral notebook and write.  Crafty people create a scrapbook of God’s work in their lives.  Techies may type out their stories in a Word document or on their blog.  Whatev.  The point is to get your stories down.

So that’s the idea.  In between my posts generated from reading through the Bible chronologically, I intend to start a Spiritual Legacy series right here.  Stay tuned.