Lexi and Kelsey - 4 months old

Like most four year olds, my daughter, Lexi, has a best friend.  Her name is Kelsey, and they have been friends their WHOLE LIVES.  I was looking at “old” pictures the other day, and because Kelsey’s mom and I are also friends, these two girls have been together since before they were born.  They were born three weeks apart.  They’ve been in the nursery together at church, the same Sunday School classes, and now they are in preschool together.

I love to think about their future friendship.  Both of our families are pretty rooted in Memphis.  If neither of us move, Lexi and Kelsey could potentially continue to be close friends through adulthood.  How fun would THAT be?!

Kelsey and Lexi Easter 2011

As a military kid, I can’t point back to a lifelong friend.  I had friends for a couple of years, and then I got new friends.  The longest lasting friendships I have are a handful from high school, which I am super thankful for.  I may not have lifelong friends, but I have half-of-a-life long friends.

When I reflect on those friendships, it is easy to see their value.

But there is One who knows me even better than my high school friends.  There is One who knows Lexi and Kelsey even better than they know each other.

God says, “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you,” Jeremiah 1:5.

Before you and I were conceived, God knew us!  He is the oldest friend of all.  As great as some of our earthly friendships may be, our friendship with God holds far greater potential.  He knows us.  He’s always known us.  There is no closer friend available to us.

We may not know Him as well as we know our best friends, but whose fault is that?

We can know Him more deeply than we know Him now.  Do we want to?