It’s a common thing for Christians to desire to make an impact for the Lord.  We want our lives to matter beyond our mundane jobs and our time-filling hobbies.  At the end of the day, we want to know that we have made some sort of a spiritual difference in the lives of those around us.  Whether we’ve spoken a small word of encouragement or shared the Gospel or served in some way, we are eager to to accomplish something for the Lord.

This post isn’t about why that is.  There can certainly be pure as well as selfish motivations for our wanting to be used by God.  But for the sake of this article, let’s assume our hearts are right.  We want to make a positive spiritual impact on others because we love God, we believe others will benefit from knowing Him, we believe we have a responsibility to spread the biblical message of salvation, and we long to see everyone everywhere give God the praise and adoration He deserves.

That being the case, how can we further the Kingdom, advance the Gospel, and make an eternal difference in our ordinary lives?

Lucky for us, God tells us!

In Exodus 34 God is talking to Moses.  He says, “Before all your people [the Israelites] I will do wonders never before done in any nation in all the world.  The people you live among [foreigners] will see how awesome is the work that I, the Lord, will do for you.  Obey what I command you today.”  Exodus 34:10-11

The first thing we learn about being used by God is that it is not about us.  You and I do not accomplish anything for the Lord.  It is always Him working through us to accomplish things for Himself.  We are roads; He is the car.  It is our responsibility to be open, but He does all the moving in people’s hearts.

That being said, when we are open to being used by God, and when God decides it is the right time for Him to work, then the people we live among – our friends, our family, our church family, our neighbors, our co-workers, our baristas, our waiters, our enemies, and total strangers – will see how awesome is the work that the Lord does for us.

When we are open + when God moves = others will see how awesome He is!

Dare I say that sounds like a promise…

But wait…  I am still confused.

What does “being open” really mean?  That is a really vague directive we Christians throw around.  And where there is ambiguity, there is perfect opportunity to delay obeying.  Trust me.  I am Queen of this.

If you’d rather not have “being open” cleared up, stop reading right now.  If you keep reading, you can no longer play the ignorance card when God asks you why you weren’t open to Him using you.  That being my absolute favorite card in the deck, I assure you HE WILL NOT ACCEPT IT once you’ve been “enlightened”.

Still reading?


Verse 11 tells us in crystal clear fashion how to be open to the Lord.  It states, “Obey what I [God] command you today.”  Exodus 34:11

When we obey, we are showing God (which is a lot better than just telling Him, by the way) we are ready and willing to be used by Him to accomplish His purposes.

I love how this verse also tells us when to obey.  TODAY!  Not tomorrow.  Not when we feel like it.  Not when we have time.  Not when we get sick and tired of the Holy Spirit’s repeated conviction.  Obey today.

I also love how this verse tells us what to obey.  What God commands us.  Not our own hearts.  Not what we think will make us happy.  Not what our friends are doing.  Not what the media is telling us is “in”.  Obey God’s commands.

And just how do we know what God commands?

He’s glad you asked.  Read the Bible, and you will know.  Listen to Him, and you will know.

The people we live among need to see how awesome the Lord is.  Put down your ignorance card next to mine.  Let’s make a difference today.