I sat with 6 other women and listened to them tell their spiritual journeys.  Some were born into the church, knew all the right answers and all the things they are supposed to do to be “good Christians”, but they described their current relationships with the Lord as “stale” and “bland”.  Others had stories involving blatant rebellion against their Christian upbringings and dramatic interventions by the Lord to bring them back to Him.  But they still felt like they were missing something in their relationships with Him.

“There has to be more,” was the recurring phrase that night.

I wanted to stand on the couch and joyfully declare, “THERE IS MORE!  THERE IS MORE!”

God has more for each one of us than dry quiet times, fill-in-the-blank Bible studies, and mechanical worship.  His vision for our relationship with Him is one of vibrancy, emotional intimacy, and mutual satisfaction daily.   Achieving and maintaining that kind of relationship with Him is simpler than we’ve made it out to be.  All we have to do is talk more to the Holy Spirit about what is going on in our hearts and about what we want to go on in our hearts.  Simple.  Not easy, but simple.

Thinking about writing a book about it.  Honestly, would it interest you?