I hope you never get tired of hearing about grace.  I guess if you did you would’ve stopped coming here a long time ago.

A writer I enjoy, Jon Acuff, wrote about grace today, and he marveled at the idea that a holy God is also a God of second chances.  Actually, this side of death, He is a God of innumerable chances.  Whether we believe in God or not, every single day God gives us chances to choose Him.  But that isn’t even the most amazing part.  

The mind-blowing part is that God gives us chances to choose Him even though we’ve NOT chosen Him COUNTLESS times before.

Who does that?!  Who in their right mind offers that kind of grace?  Even the “best” people tire of turning the other cheek.  Even the most loving people retreat from hurtful relationships after being taken advantage of umpteen times.  Even the most Christlike people give up on those who neglect them for too long.

Surely the God of the universe, perfect in every way, has the right to rescind His offer of unconditional love and His promise of Heaven if we show Him we don’t want Him one too many times.  

Make no mistake, He DOES have every right to do that…

But He chooses not to…

He chooses to give us another chance to know Him and experience His unfailing love TODAY, no matter how we’ve rejected Him in the past.  And, if we wake up tomorrow, He’ll give us another chance then, too…


Because He loves us. (Jeremiah 31:3; Zephaniah 3:17)

That’s it.  It is no more complicated than that. 
God wants to give YOU grace. 
GOD wants to give you grace.
God WANTS to give you grace.
God wants to GIVE you grace.
God wants to give you GRACE!