We all struggle with it.  Especially us women.

We are insecure about everything – how we look, how we don’t look, who we’re friends with, how many people we’re friends with, why we don’t have more friends, what we know, what we don’t know, how well we fulfill our numerous roles, our value to others, our value to God, how well we’re doing at “being a Christian”, what others might think about us, what we think about ourselves.  And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 

I discovered a new insecurity today: I am insecure about having insecurities!  I don’t want anyone to know they exist or how much time I spend fretting about them.  I don’t want to appear weak or unworthy of love…  I don’t mind if people think I make bad choices from time to time or that I don’t have it all together, I just don’t want them to ever discover I have low self-esteem. 

I was thinking about this today, and Jesus said, “I am the essence of security. Because you have me, you are more secure than most people.  Not only is your salvation secure (John 10:28), your identity (Isaiah 43:1) and your value are secure through me (Matthew 10:31).  Tap into that.  I stabilize you emotionally and steady you spiritually when you take the time to focus on Me.”

Focus on Him. 


Maybe I spend too much time focusing on me – what I am not and what I can’t do and all the ways in which I am failing at life.  I am so busy wallowing in me that I never get around to focusing on Him – His goodness, His grace, and His truth. 

That reminds me of John 3:30, “He must become greater; I must become less.”  Focus on Him more; focus on me less. 

Jesus offers us rock-solid security that we need now as well as when we die.  Believers are secure, whether they feel like it or not. 

It’s time to live in that truth.