A Sampling of My Work

Large groups

1. Retreats + Conferences

Women's Conference - The Stephen Olford Center

a keynote message at the She Will Conference on Moses’ interactions with God and His subsequent shining face. View here.

Women's Retreat - Slayden Baptist Church

 a 2-part message on what God’s grace is sufficient for. Part 1, Part 2

Women's Conference - Bellevue Baptist Church

a message on intercessory prayer from John 17 delivered to One by One ministry. Listen here.

Women's Conference - Central Church

“Jesus: An Unplanned Pregnancy”, a message from Matthew 1 and Luke 1 delivered to One by One ministry. Listen here.

MOPS meeting - Central Church

a message on the conversation between Jesus and His disciples from Matthew 16. Listen here.

Radio + Zoom

2. Interviews

Why and How to Prioritize your Spiritual Life

Zoom interview for “The Hearts of Healthcare Professionals” summit describing the importance of spiritual health.

American Family Radio

Radio interview about my testimony, biblical literacy, and women’s ministry.

Ministry in the Marketplace

Radio interview about my testimony and viewing your “day job” as a ministry.


3. Videos

YouTube Channel

A collection of recordings from retreats, conferences, and my house. Listen here.

Exodus Series

Informal video teachings on each chapter of Exodus. Listen here.

youtube film

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