How to Study the Bible – Micah

Did you miss my How to Study the Bible course? No problem! Study along with me at your own convenience using the podcasts and downloadable materials below.

How to Study the Bible - Micah

Week 1 Podcast – Course Overview, Introduction to Micah, and Observation Steps 1-3

Week 2 Podcast – Observation Step 4

Week 3 Podcast – Observation Steps 5-6

Week 4 Podcast – Observation Steps 7-12

Week 5 Podcast – Interpretation

Week 6 Podcast – Application

Want the documents I reference in the podcasts to follow along at home? Click the links below to download your own copies.


Micah Summary Chart

Introduction to Micah (ESV Study Bible)

Guidelines for Studying Prophecy

Micah NIV

People Chart Blank

People Chart with Answers

Key Concepts List

Key Concepts Expanded

Key Concepts List Answers

Key Concepts Expanded Answers

Micah Summary Chart Answers


Interpretation Notes


Application Notes

Have questions, comments, or snide remarks about the course? Contact me below.


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