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December 5th-9th I’m coming to Nashville!
What’s that have to do with you? Glad you asked.

Last week I sent out an email detailing how I’m making my big push to jump start my speaking/Bible teaching/itinerant preaching ministry. Much to my chagrin, that means networking.

The fact is I am 1,942 times more likely to be asked to speak at a conference or retreat if someone personally recommends me to an event organizer. 

(I haven’t done the math or anything, but I feel like that’s probably accurate.)

Here’s where you come in:

Is there ANYONE in your spheres of influence who might need a speaker at some point in life who you’d be willing to introduce me to while I’m in town?

Pastors, ministry leaders, church staff members, lay leaders, Christian school leaders, Christian college administrators, Christian celebrities (don’t you have a lot of those in Nashville?)–ANYONE? I’d love to meet some people face to face to get on their radars while I’m in town. You’ll even get a free cup of coffee out of it! (The good kind.) 

If you can think of someone, please contact me ASAP.

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Thanks, friends!