Allie’s Third Birthday Letter

Allie Grace,

You are three years old!  So I am going back through photos and Facebook updates from the last year to reminisce…

You had a lot of firsts this past year.  First broken bone (you fell out of the recliner while watching TV and fractured your collarbone), first real haircut (you were SO brave), your first trip without Mom and Dad (Grandy took you and Lexi to Decatur, AL, to visit your great grandma).

You’ve really nailed down the whole talking thing this past year.  Having Lexi as your model, you are quite verbal.  Of course, you still mispronounce words from time to time.  Some of my favorite mix-ups are feetheart instead of sweetheart, pita butta jedgy for peanut butter and jelly, unasseptible for unacceptable, and you still refer to your doll house as your dog house.  Like a lot of kids your age, L’s give you a hard time.  You call Lexi Yexi, yellow is yeyo, and love is yove.

With the increase in talking, you’ve also started praying.  You said your first prayer while pretending to eat at the table.  You bowed your head and said, “Nank you, God, for our nook (milk), Amen.”  You are usually the one who blesses our meals, too, singing a prayer song you learned at church.  You’re pretty legalistic about the whole thing and start over if anyone dares to open their eyes.  Once when I was sick, I asked you to pray for me.  I guess I wasn’t specific enough because you said, “Nank you, God, for making Mommy sick.”  I’m sure God smiled when he heard that one.


But the most important prayer you’ve prayed this year was to receive Jesus’ gift of salvation on May 4, 2012.  We were sitting in your rocking chair together that night, and you started asking questions about Heaven.  You decided you wanted to go there, and I proceeded to describe to you what you needed to do in order to be allowed to go to Heaven.  You wisely decided it’d be worth asking Jesus to take your punishment for your bad choices and prayed to that end that night.

I know it is hard for most of us to believe a 2 year old can grasp the Gospel, but I believe you did that night, just as Lexi did when she was 2 years old.  As you get older, you probably won’t remember the night of your salvation, and you might even doubt the validity of your prayer.  If you’re ever concerned that you might not really be saved, just ask Jesus to save you again – He won’t mind 🙂

Aside from getting your salvation squared away, you don’t seem to be in too big of a hurry to grow up…  We’ve been potty training off and on for over 6 months, and you have no plans to actually use the toilet on a consistent basis in the foreseeable future.  As recently as last week you told me, “I fink I just want to stay a baby.”  In fact, you thought Baby was your given name for the longest time.  But now you know it is actually Ayee Yevatino.

You are an animated little girl, with lots of facial expressions and spunk.  You get excited about life, and you’re always ready to go.  You have an opinion about everything, and you make it clear that you will not be pushed around by older siblings or other children.  I love your passion and your willingness to stand up for yourself.  Like most character traits, you can choose to use these for good or for evil.  Be passionate about the things God loves (which you can discover by reading the Bible), and stand up for the causes God defends (which you can discover by reading the Bible).

You have a sensitive side, too.  Whenever Lexi cries, whether she is hurt or scared or angry, you cry, too.  You don’t like your sister to be upset for any reason and feel insecure when she is.  You love Lexi and don’t like to be away from her for too long.  She is your security blanket when you’re in childcare together at church, when you’re at the playground, and when you’re with large crowds.  You often go to her for sympathy and consolation when you get hurt or when you get disciplined.  Your affection for each other is beautiful, and I pray it will only increase over the years.

I always say it is a privilege to be a parent, but it is an extra special blessing to be your mommy.

Happy Birthday, Allie Grace!



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