Lexi’s 5th Birthday Letter

Lexi Lou,

I cannot even believe you’ve been around for FIVE YEARS already.  It really has flown by, and, for the most part, it has been a delight.

This past year you started preschool.  I knew you would love it, and you have, except for nap time and potty time.  You inform me often those are your least favorite parts of the day.  I understand the first – you haven’t taken naps regularly for quite some time.  But the second remains a mystery to me.  I guess you just think standing in line to use the toilet is boring…  The school bathrooms aren’t so bad, but you continue to have issues with toilets that flush automatically and hand dryers.  You will not use them.  In fact, you cover your ears, stick out your bottom lip, and shake your head “no” if I suggest using the bathroom is better than the alternative.  We’ve had many battles of the will over this whole bathroom thing, and you are winning the war.  It’s like the old saying says, “I can lead a preschooler to a potty, but I can’t make her pee.”


I digress.


Preschool has been good for both of us because you get bored at home day after day.  You are smart as a whip and love social interaction, so it’s hard to keep you entertained sometimes.  But you started reading on your own when you were 4.5 – REALLY reading – and that has become your primary means of keeping yourself occupied.  I remember having mixed emotions listening to you read a book out loud the first time.  I felt SO proud of you and yet sad that we won’t have as much “reading together” time anymore.  Thankfully, you do still ask for me to read to you everyday, even though you started reading chapter books by yourself last month.  SO PROUD!


You’re also pretty into painting these days.  You love it when I get the acrylics out for you and let you go to town on a piece of cardboard.  You take your time and enjoy the process.  And you cover every square inch of cardboard in painstaking detail.  Most of the time, when I ask you what you want to be when you grow up, you say an artist.


Well, sometimes you say a rock star.  There is this kids’ show that is popular right now called The Fresh Beat Band.  You love to sing and dance along with them in the privacy of our family room.  Your birthday present from your dad and me this year was tickets to their concert.  You LOVED it.  You danced and sang there, too, in the privacy of a darkened theater, with 2,000 other kids.

But you don’t ALWAYS love to sing.  In fact, you HATED being in your preschool programs this year.  At Christmas time you played Mary.  You didn’t have any lines, but you were in the center of the stage, and you did not sing one single word with the other kids.  Instead, you looked around with those big blue eyes and frowned until it was over.  I knew not to expect much different when the spring program rolled around.  But it was different.  You stood in the front row with 25 other kids, the music started playing, they started singing, and you burst into tears before the first song was over.  It was the saddest thing ever!  Your sweet teacher ran up on stage, picked you up, and whisked you to the safety of the audience.  You cried on her shoulder the rest of the performance.  Stage fright AT ITS WORST!

So, you may not be a rock star when you grow up.  Or you might.  You never know.  The Lord may help you work through that fear, conquering it, until you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength – even singing in front of people.  With Him, ALL things really are possible…

I am continually blessed by your understanding of the Lord.  We talk about God daily around here, and I’ve prayed since before you were born that you’d have a love for His Word.  And, Lexi, YOU DO!  You ask me to read it to you every day.  You asked me to buy you a Bible like mine – meaning not a kiddie Bible, a Bible with ALL the stories and “soft pages”.  If there is one piece of wisdom I can give the adult you, it’s never stop reading the Bible!  It is everything.  It is our guide to knowing God more and more intimately.  Keep pursuing Him through the Word.

You often proselytize to Allie.  Just after your fourth birthday and right after Allie’s second birthday, you asked me, “Mom, did Allie ask Jesus into her heart yet?”  “No,” I replied.  “Aaaaaallieeeeeeeee,” you called, beckoning her to come, “Say, ‘Jesus, please be in my heart.'”  Allie repeated you as best she could.  Then you turned to me with that smile that seems bigger than you are and said, very matter-of-factly, “There!  Now she will be in Heaven with us!”

It was a precious moment, for sure.  And so telling of what great influence you have over your sister.  As the big sister, you, Lexi, are probably the most powerful influence in Allie’s life.  Studies show that if the first child follows the Lord, the younger children are more likely to follow the Lord, too.  If that’s true, Allie couldn’t have a better role model in you.  You are unbelievably loving toward her, always encouraging, consoling, and comforting her.  I tell her often she has an amazing big sister.  And I think she already knows it.

I love you more than I can describe and consider you a GIFT from the Lord.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Daughter.







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