Something About the Ocean…

I just got back from spending 3 all-too-short days at the beach in Florida (and 4 all-too-long days in the car traveling to and from Florida).  There is nothing I enjoy more than communing with my Creator on the shore of an expansive ocean.  It is soothing in a way no other place on Earth is.

The fact that oceans speak to my soul the way they do is like God saying, “I made the ocean for you.  I knew you would enjoy it immensely, and, because I love you beyond words, I created a personal gift for you that would really blow your socks off.”  Certainly I am not the only reason God created the oceans.  But He is a personal God, with whom I have a living, breathing relationship.  He knows my heart.  And I believe He created both the oceans and the desire within me to be near the ocean as often as possible. 

The ocean shows me some other things too.  It shows me that God appreciates beautiful things and enjoys blowing our finite minds with His creativity.  All the different hues in the water, the myriad of shells, the diversity of animals in the sea – they all point to a seriously artistic Maker. 

The perfect timing of the tides testifies to God’s complete control over every aspect of creation.  If the ebb and flow of the water didn’t work in unison with the rotation of the earth around the moon at the exact distance we find ourselves, life on Earth may not even exist.  I’m not one who believes all of those things happened by chance.  And I think the ocean is just one evidence on a long list that validates the theory of intelligent design.

The sheer size of the ocean reminds me that nothing – no problem, no circumstance, no question – is too big for God.  While I don’t have all the answers to life’s big challenges, God does.  While He might not choose to communicate to me these answers, I rest in the fact that He is all-knowing, all-powerful, and bigger than anything else. The ocean reminds me that I am small and limited and only here on Earth for a moment, so the wisest thing I can do is humbly worship and obey He who was, and is, and is to come (Rev. 4:8).

For a musical explanation of what I am talking about, check out “Ocean” by Ten Shekel Shirt.


2 thoughts on “Something About the Ocean…

  1. love that you added the song! Perfectly fitting. 🙂 I made your photo the background on my desktop. So thankful you had moments to revel in God's awesome creation, my friend! Thank you for your words today – spoke to me!

  2. I too find the ocean awe-inspiring and for me it makes thinking about God an inevitable compulsion. I find myself relaxing near the ocean so easily. Isn't that weird how God tunes our souls to certain terrains and awakens our senses with His creation. It's like He knows us inside and out and is just waiting for us to meet Him there at the ocean or in the mountain or listening to a bird chirp. I love Him for that.

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