Over the past couple of months, I’ve felt God gently nudging me toward taking on some sort of a teaching role in ministry. I’ve felt the nudge mostly during the weekly Bible study I attend. And maybe some in my Sunday School class as well. I’ve been letting the idea that I should teach someone (other than my children) something about the Bible roll off my back. I’ve been nonchalantly saying to myself, “That would be exciting, but [fill in the blank].” I wouldn’t have enough time to prepare. I’m too immature in my own faith. I’m still wrestling with my own issues. But the truth of the matter is I will never feel like I have enough time, I will never feel mature enough, and I will always be dealing with one personal issue or another. I mean, if someone who has had an active relationship with Jesus for over 10 years, as well as a degree in Biblical Studies and Theology, doesn’t feel equipped enough to teach someone else about Jesus, who does?

The time to step up and obey God’s nudge is now. Besides, it’s not about me knowing all the answers. It’s about me humbling myself and letting God draw others to Him through me. Priscilla Shirer once said that if she has a decision to make, and if the only reason she doesn’t want to choose option A is because she is scared, that’s usually the option she chooses. She knows that fear is not from the Lord; fear is from Satan. And if you are getting ready to obey/honor/glorify God in some way, Satan is going to try to scare you out of it.

So, I am moving forward with this teaching thing. I’ve sent an email to Ellen Olford, the Director of Women’s Ministry at church, telling her I am ready to serve. And we all know once you volunteer at a church, there is no turning back 🙂


7 thoughts on “Onward

  1. Oh yeah, Ellen will get ya! That's great! Way to step out in obedience! Can't wait to see what door the Lord opens up!

  2. Wow, Kelly. Good stuff God's doing inside you. And by the way, you should DEFINITELY talk w/Kara about all this. She knows a thing or two about how you're feeling.

  3. I have known you were a teacher for some time and can't say strongly enough, WAY TO GO!!! Way to push through the fear and let God shape you in this area! I can't wait to see what comes of it.

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