Milestones: Lexi's First Bible Verse

We were driving home from church a couple of months ago, and I was asking Lexi what she did in her class. We talked about the songs they sang, the kids she played with, and the snack she ate. Then I asked her what Bible story they read. She said, “God. Is. Love. First John. Four. Eight!” Elian and I were both shocked that our 2 year old had memorized a Bible verse. He cut his eyes at me and said, “Look that up!” Sure enough, she was right. My mommy heart was filled with joy.

4 thoughts on “Milestones: Lexi's First Bible Verse

  1. awesome stuff!!! :)Time to make a Lexi art creation from that verse to display and remember her first Bible verse forever. That's awesome!!!!happy day!

  2. they do a really good job in that class. That's the first verse Kyleigh memorized too. She has since learned two more in the class she's in now. Just keep getting her to recite it randomly. 🙂 Go Lexi!

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