Milestones: Lexi's First Haircut

So we’ve been trying to convince Lexi to get her hair cut for…at least half of her life. Every once in awhile she submits to letting my mom cut her bangs, but even that doesn’t happen without coercing, bribing, screaming, and crying…and sometimes Lexi acts up, too.

Her long hair, although pretty, constantly attracts food particles, hangs in her face, and pokes Allie in the eyes when Lexi is being particularly affectionate. I decided about 3 months ago to take Lexi to a local salon that Elian’s aunt worked at. And by salon I mean cheap-o place where you can get a $10 haircut.

We were the only people in the place that day, and Elian’s aunt was all ready to trim the back of Lexi’s hair. I even brought my mom along so she could entertain Allie, and I could provide undivided attention and support to my first-born during this terrifying experience. Unfortunately, as soon as Lexi saw the big chair and the cape/smock thingy, she completely melted down. You would’ve thought the child was having her head cut off, not her hair. She collapsed in a pile of toddler, screaming and crying so emphatically that Allie burst into sympathy hysterics. After trying to bribe with candy and offering to sit with her, we gave up.

Over the past month or so Elian has said several times that he is playing his Dad card and forcing Lexi to get her hair cut. So when Lexi joined him on a Saturday trip to Lowe’s, I said, “Why don’t you swing by and get her hair cut while you’re out?” I said it all tongue-in-cheek because I felt like he didn’t understand how horrendous it would be. He thought he could just force her into getting her hair cut while I knew no amount of force could overcome a 2 year old’s irrational emotions.

Next thing I know, Elian and Lexi arrive home from their errands, and in walks my sweet little girl without all of the hair she left with. She had a balloon in one hand and a certificate in the other. She came running to me, handing me the certificate, which, get this, said, “Baby’s First Haircut” on it. Never mind that the child is almost 3 years old. I think they need to make a certificate that says, “Cry Baby’s First Haircut” for the older kids… Anyway, they also taped some of Lexi’s hair to the certificate so I can put it in her baby book. Or her cry baby book. We’ll see. So Lexi hands me this certificate and says, “Look! I brought my haircut home!”

And it was just another reminder that my baby is no longer a baby, no matter what the certificate says. She is officially a little girl.


12 thoughts on “Milestones: Lexi's First Haircut

  1. her hair looks great! you should see the botched job i did on emma's hair….not even AT ALL! and yes, i love your writing too!

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