Things I Wish I Had Time AND Motivation To Do

In no particular order:

-Write more
-Research how to make my blog profitable
-Implement what I discover
-Read more
-Take a cooking class
-Buy healthy food to make healthy meals that don’t taste like crap
-Take the Christmas tree down (don’t judge me)
-Have a conversation that doesn’t include poop

These are not resolutions. Mostly because I don’t anticipate completing any of these things until the girls are in school. Except maybe the Christmas tree one. We’ll play that by ear.


7 thoughts on “Things I Wish I Had Time AND Motivation To Do

  1. I do NOT have 2 kids, so I know I'm not in the same boat… maybe another Momma can be encouraging… but I'm learning that sometimes you just gotta get up and DO, then the motivation comes with afterwards, with routine, or half way through. You can do it! Know you can. First step towards any of those are the hardest.

  2. Ha! #s 6 and 9 made me LOL.I might be able to help you with #2 sometime. We can talk about it.I didn't even know you blogged, girl! Yay for you!…jp

  3. Our tree was up for well over a month (about 6 weeks) since we put it up before Audrey was born with the anticipation of having it pretty and fully decorated before Thanksgiving…only to have her arrive the day after we put it up and it was left barren until my friend came to visit the first week of December! So no judgments here! The only reason it is down now is because I had 13 people at my house for over a week and 7 of them stayed for another week or more – they took it down. πŸ™‚

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