Helpful Hint

For a quick and easy way to slice avocado, use an egg-slicer! You know, one of these:

I pretty much feel like a culinary genius for coming up with that one.

Now, I know most of you are thinking, “What in the world is she doing with an avocado?! Surely, Miss I-Only-Eat-Sugar isn’t possibly going to eat an avocado. Well, let me just tell you, I did, and it was good!

You can thank guacamole for turning me on to plain old avocado. I’ve always enjoyed guac on Mexican food, and, over the summer, I started enjoying it as a dip. Maybe it was the hormones speaking, but I couldn’t get enough guacamole. A couple months later, I tried plain avocado slices on a sandwich at some restaurant, and it wasn’t half bad. Then, and this is what really sealed the deal, Jillian, from the Biggest Loser, recommended using avocado instead of mayo on sandwiches because it is full of flavor and it’s a good fat (whatever that means). And, if you’ve ever encountered Jillian, whether on TV or in person, you know you obey that chick or else!

So for lunch this afternoon, I had a turkey sandwich on 100% whole wheat bread, with cheddar cheese (which I am not convinced is bad for most people), lettuce, tomato, and avacado. But that’s not all. I also had a glass of milk and carrots with my lunch. I know, my eating a healthy meal is turning your whole worldview on its head. It freaked me out a little too. But you can rest easy – now I am enjoying a mug of hot chocolate topped with marshmallows while the girls nap.


3 thoughts on “Helpful Hint

  1. love this post. perfect combination of Kelly Vree-Lev wit, helpful hints, and down right realness. Love it. Made me smile.

  2. I too, am very impressed and also enjoy avocado. Sean always makes fun because he thinks its disgusting. I too was even more sold when Jillian recommended it-I love the girl!!Good job, Kelly

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