Hair, Vacuums and Other Irrational Fears

Toddlers are known for developing fears that make no sense. Apparently, my two-year-old is no exception. Since the day she was born, she has been TERRIFIED of vacuum cleaners. I suppose our vacuum IS rather loud, but she has had TWO AND A HALF years to get used to it. Instead, it seems her fear is becoming more and more intense. She used to be okay if I let her sit on the couch while I vacuumed. Then she needed to hold a security object. Then she needed to sit on Daddy’s lap. Then she needed to bury her face in his chest. Now she literally crawls up his torso, crying and screaming EVERY TIME I vacuum. She gets nervous even if I mention the word.

Lately she has expanded her list of fears to include stray hairs. She has never been a fan of getting her hands dirty. From the time she could sit up on her own, she has been particularly aware of minuscule threads and hairs on carpets, couches, and clothing. She used to pick them up, hold them out to me, and whine with a disgusted look on her face until I took them from her. But last week she decided to FREAK OUT when she saw a hair floating in her bath water. She just sobbed and kept screaming, “GET ME OUT! GET ME OUT!” The next time I told her it was bath time, she teared up and said, “Do you think there are going to be hairs in the bath tub?!” I told her I would make sure there weren’t any hairs in the bath tub just to get her IN the bathroom. Then she peered over the side of the tub, scanning every square inch of the tub for stray hairs. I wonder how she would react if I showed her all the hairs the vacuum cleaner sucks up…

She reacts the same way to big dogs and most men. At least I get those fears.

You may also notice that her hair just keeps getting longer and longer. That’s because she is terrified of getting it cut. We’ve NEVER cut the back of her hair. She’ll let me or my mom cut her bangs if we’re really persuasive. The hair dryer is also on Lexi’s Fear List. I guess it is too loud for her. So I have pretty much resigned myself to the fact that this child, with her head full of wet hair, is GOING to get sick this winter. Unless, of course, I can’t get her in the bath tub to wash said hair…

2 thoughts on “Hair, Vacuums and Other Irrational Fears

  1. as bad as this might sound, reading this actually makes me feel better. i was thinking emma needed to speak to a professional about her irrational fear of tornadoes, thunderstorms, and wind. it all started when we had those 2 lovely tornados this year, and now everytime the slightest wind blows, even if it is sunny, she freaks out. maybe these irrational fears are just normal for their age?emma also does not like the vacuum. i wait until she is in bed usually to do it. same with the hair dryer. i have to shut the dorr when i am doing it, so that the noise wont bother her. and there is no way in heck she would ever let me use it on her!oh and the bathtub! the same thing happened to us this week, except our freakout was from pink fuzz that had come off of her sock, onto her foot, and into the bathtub. total meltdown! "get me out! get me out!", with hysterical tears. she is now worried about wearing colored socks. … Read Moreit's a good thing she's scared of men! i bet elian is happy about that, and hoping it stays that way for the next 20 years :)9 hours ago · Delete

  2. oh wow! Lots of fears. I wonder what makes her so fearful about such things. Is it bad that I think some of the fears are kind of funny?

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