Who's Really in Control?

I’ll just go ahead and tell you that Elian and I think we’d be perfectly happy if I never become pregnant again. Don’t get me wrong, we LOVE our children and realize as fully as humans can how enormously blessed we are to have had the opportunity to have not one, but two babies. But we also HATE it when I’m pregnant. From the sickness to the fatigue to the all around discomfort, neither Elian nor I feel the need to revisit that particular state.

Given that I am 26 and he is 31, it is understandable that my doctor is hesitant to do anything permanent in the way of birth control. Too many young couples end up regretting the decision. So she suggested that we either continue to take the pill or consider an IUD. Both work in similar ways. And one of those ways is to prevent an “accidentally” fertilized egg from being able to attach to the uterine wall, effectively killing the egg.

If you believe, like we do, that life begins at conception, then what is happening, practically speaking, should be called abortion. This conclusion is not new to me. I’ve thought about it a lot over the years. But I’ve always quickly suppressed this knowledge so I could continue to “control” whether or not we procreate. I’ve feared getting off birth control just like any sane person would fear winding up with 20 kids. The way I see it, though, is we only have 2 options if we want to honor the sanctity of life: use barrier methods or get fixed.

So I find myself at a crossroads. I feel the Holy Spirit pricking my conscience once again, telling me to stop using abortifacient contraceptives. And I have a choice. Will I let the fear of what could happen while not on the pill stop me from obeying the conviction I feel is coming from God? Or will I chose to obey and trust that God is in control of the future of our family, no matter what kind of contraceptive choice we make, and that He only wants good things for us?

Priscilla Shirer said that when she has to make a decision between two options, and she finds that the ONLY reason she won’t choose option A is because she feels scared, she usually chooses option A. Her reasoning is that fear is not from God. Satan wants to keep us from obeying God because it propels our relationship with Him to the next level. So Satan tries to scare us out of obeying.

Something to think about…

6 thoughts on “Who's Really in Control?

  1. Condoms are a tad annoying, but they work all right. Also, none of those nasty hormonal side effects. I say get on board the barrier train.

  2. be careful though, or you could end up like that 18 kids and counting family!kidding. this is probably TMI, but lynn and i don't use any protection, and i can't take birth control. (makes me crazy and sick). and we are also terrified of another pregnancy. so far, so good. we are just VERY careful. then again, this method can only work for so long, right?we've talked about getting him "fixed" and ending with just one, since pregnancy caused so many problems for me. the diabetes issue alone is a big one, considering my blood sugar hasn't gone back to normal yet, and to get pregnant again would most definitely give me diabetes for life. … Read Morewe're still in debate about it. i would hate to regret it down the road if we changed our minds. and storing sperm is so expensive! ugh! so i really understand how you feel, even if mine is a phsyical issue, more than spiritual. 🙂

  3. Whoa… nice blog! Defintiely thought provoking and a difficult topic. I have a few thoughts.. although not fully developed.. here I go :)1. I believe every decision we make goes back to our presuppositions or how we view our relationship with Christ and the World we live… with that being said; I pose a Question: Who is the creator life?My answer is God. He alone gives breath to the living.. Therefore, if controls/ordains life then i will trust HIM who is all powerful, and all knowing to know what is best for me. I can choose to take birth control bc that is the freedom i have in Christ, but ultimately I know/Trust God's plan will prevail. I'm still thinking on this.. its a difficult topic… maybe there will be more to come 🙂

  4. EM:I agree, God is in total control of creating babies. But I can't shake the feeling/conviction that I still have to act morally responsible when choosing BC. If I were 3 months along and went to the doctor to get an abortion, I would be held responsible before God for murder. If I knowingly make my womb more conducive for abortions to take place shortly after conception, am I not held equally responsible? That has been my conviction. It's easier to stomach the second scenario because we never know for sure if we lose a couple days old embryo. Out of sight, out of mind.But it's definitely a hard issue, and I respect others' choices about BC. It may just be one of those issues that the Holy Spirit convicts some on and not others…

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