The Memphis Circus Spectacular

We took Lexi to the circus for the first time Monday afternoon. She knew there were going to be clowns and animals. She seemed excited. I asked her what she wanted to see first, and she said the giraffes. That’s when I thought about explaining the difference between the circus and the zoo, but I decided not to waste that energy.

As soon as we got in the door to the arena, guess who we saw? DORA! I tell ya, that kid is EVERYWHERE! In this particular instance, she was a blow up toy for sale.

We made our way to some seats, choking on the pungent odor of horse manure, and the lights went out. Loud music began, and a light show started. Lexi seemed in awe as all of her senses were being attacked at once.

She watched wide-eyed as tigers jumped through hoops of fire, scantily clad women climbed up ropes and hung upside down, and men juggled 20 rings at a time. She didn’t comment much, mostly because she didn’t quite know what to think. But she seemed to enjoy her afternoon.

Every time a new animal would come out, Lexi would ask if we could go down and see it. At intermission they offered camel, elephant, and horse rides as well as an opportunity to have your picture taken with a boa constrictor. Elian took Lexi up close to each animal so she could get a better look.

Of course, I think her favorite thing of all was the “cotton ball candy”. She made this terrible face when she first tried it, just like she did when she was a baby, trying something new and odd textured.

Anywho, here are some pics from the excursion.


2 thoughts on “The Memphis Circus Spectacular

  1. OH MY GOODNESS – That picture of her holding the cotton candy herself is ADORABLE! Seriously, print it and frame it. LOVE IT!!! 🙂 She's beautiful.Glad she seemed to enjoy herself. And hope you two did also. The pics are great. :)Sounded entertaining!

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