You Live, But You Don't Always Learn

In Allie’s short, little life, more times than I can count, I have been startled by her blood-curdling scream. I am talking about a shrill that instantly communicates I AM IN PAIN!!!!!! And every time I rush to her side, I discover the culprit is herself…with a fist full of her own hair…pulling it as hard as she possibly can…with NO IDEA how to stop the pain.

Lexi did this once.


I’m not saying one of my children is more intelligent than the other, even though one of them pulled her hair FOUR TIMES during ONE diaper change last week. In fact, I am going to chalk Allie’s hair-pulling pattern up to a couple of things that are in no way related to her IQ. First, she was born with a head full of hair, which she had no control over. Second, all babies are born with a grasping reflex, which means she can’t help but to grab on to her soft hair whenever she happens to touch it. And third, I don’t think she is old enough to be aware that she has hands, that she can move said hands, that she has hair, or that she can pull said hair whenever she wants to. If she’s still having these episodes in five years, then I’ll start worrying about her IQ… and where to get realistic children’s wigs.

6 thoughts on “You Live, But You Don't Always Learn

  1. Haven't even read the post yet, but want to comment on the background. Eww La La! I likey! Nice new background, good change! props!

  2. Well Kelly that comes from her grandma – the one with the innocent eyes! Tip: don't let her near the hammers!! Ha Ha

  3. Kelly, you need to write one of the mommy books-you know the ones with all the crazy stories and advice. You really are a great writer! Just get on that in your spare time! =)

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