They're Listening

In the car today I was listening to Third Day’s “Sing a Song”, in which they repeat the word “holy” often. In the middle of the song, Lexi piped up, “What is holy, Mommy?” It took me a minute to figure out what she was saying, but when I did, I was excited to explain. I bypassed the literal, I-have-a-Bible-degree definitions (which are “set apart” and “without sin”) and went with a word I knew Lexi had in her vocabulary. I said, “Holy means perfect; God is holy – He’s perfect.” Our conversation ended there, but it reminded me that she is listening and thinking about everything she hears, even song lyrics. I was glad I was listening to Third Day so I could have that teachable moment with her. And I was glad I WASN’T listening to anything from, say, the Top 100 Pop Hits on the Billboard Chart this week… The last thing I need is my two year old asking me what various obscenities and sexual innuendos mean, but I digress.


4 thoughts on “They're Listening

  1. emma has been asking serious questions about God for weeks. now she has switched gears, asking if she can pretend she's going to hollywood. oh boy!

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