This Time Around…

Everyone always says having 2 kids is more than twice the work. Maybe it’s because I am only 3 weeks into this, or maybe it’s because our second-born is our laid back child, but I feel WAY more put together emotionally this time around than I did when Lexi was born.

The first 3 months of Lexi’s life I was a basket case. The sheer stress of having a colicky baby scream her head off everyday for 3 months is enough to make anyone batty. She acted like she was in pain (probably acid reflux), and there was NOTHING I could do to soothe my newborn. Combine that with the sleep deprivation and physical exhaustion that accompany breast feeding, and I am sure I was certifiably insane.

Baby #2, on the other hand, is as laid back as they come. She sleeps about 20 hours a day and only cries when she’s hungry. I still don’t get any sleep, as I have to be up all night feeding Allie and up all day with Lexi, but I don’t feel as exhausted as I did when Lexi was born. Maybe it’s because I switched from Folger’s with Lexi to Maxwell House with Allie…

I’m sure having 2 1/4 yrs of mothering experience under my belt helps with my confidence, too. I have an arsenal of baby care knowledge to use on Allie, and, being the people-pleaser she is, she responds well to all of it.

And the amount of time I spend worrying about Allie is non-existent compared to how much I stressed over each and every decision I made with Lexi. I haven’t thought twice about SIDS, or proper car seat tightness, or letting her sleep in our bed occasionally. No, I am not being more reckless with Allie. I am just more comfortable in doing my best and letting God control the outcome. Her crib is completely SIDS proof, we don’t smoke, and she sleeps on her back… I could still choose to worry about her mysteriously dying in the middle of the night, but I’m not this time.

The true test to see if I have completely chilled out will be when I have to leave Allie in someone else’s care for an extended period of time, which probably won’t be until next year, when I’m done nursing her. Will I micro-manage that person, demanding that they do everything my way in my absence, and then worry the entire time I’m away that they AREN’T doing everything how I told them to, like I did with Lexi? Or will I barely stop the car long enough for Allie to get out? We’ll see!


5 thoughts on “This Time Around…

  1. I think you are my long lost twin! I did the exact same thing with Avery (my first child). I gave specific instructions and worried the entire time that she was not being properly cared for. I still have those tendencies with my second…shhh don't tell :o)

  2. SO thankful that its going better with the new addition than the first time around!!! :)Love this part "Maybe it's because I switched from Folger's with Lexi to Maxwell House with Allie…". you're hilarious

  3. so lexi had colic too? emma cried for 4 or 5 months straight. it was terrible! it gives me great relief to hear that it is possible for the next one to be ok, because up until now, the thought of going through that again seems like insanity. you have given me hope!

  4. I know you now have a newborn and that is a pretty good excuse, but I miss your writing! I keep coming to see if you have written something new… and no…I'll even rock Allie for a while and wipe Lexi's poopies so you can come back!

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