Daddy's Milk

Last night I went to a movie, leaving Elian at home with both girls. At one point, Allie started crying. Lexi turned to Elian and said, “You need to feed her,” to which he responded, “Yeah, I’m going to feed her.” With great surprise in her voice, Lexi asked, “You have milk in your boobies?!”

9 thoughts on “Daddy's Milk

  1. ha ha ha! that's one smart cookie, she knows how mommy feeds lil sis. hilarious and adorable. :)what was elian's reply?

  2. i love reading your notes about the things you deal with everyday. Most of the time they make me smile or laugh, and I have definitely shared with a few people that Elian has milk in his boobies. I mean, I sure didnt know.

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