So Allie is almost two weeks old and continues to baffle me with her extraordinary ability to sleep. Except for when she’s eating, which is every 2-3 hours, Allie is probably only awake about 2 hrs/day. Um… is this normal?

Our first child hated to sleep and would still choose to stay up all night if we let her. As a baby Lexi would only sleep during the day if someone held her. She didn’t sleep through the night until she was 9 months old, and she’s always resisted napping. We knew these were not “normal” sleep habits for a baby. And then we had Allie.

This kid literally sleeps all say and all night, waking up only to eat, with her eyes closed so she doesn’t waste any precious time falling back asleep as soon as her tummy is full. We’ve tried to wake her up, to no avail. So we wait until she wakes up on her own, which is once or twice in a 24 hour period, and then try to stimulate her enough to keep her up for a couple of hours. Last night that plan back fired. After she was up for 1.5 hours, she was apparently too tired to fall asleep and instead spent 6 hrs being completely unhappy, unable to find a satisfactory way to put herself back to sleep. So today I have let her sleep whenever she wants. And she has. All day. Minus feedings and one 1.5 hr stretch that included her pooping all the way up her back, thus necessitating an impromptu bath. Which she hated.

And did I mention she can sleep anywhere? On my bed, on the couch, in the swing, in the bouncy seat, in someone’s arms, in her crib, in the car, AND in her bassinet. Um…What? That’s 7 more places than Lexi could sleep. And if I need to move her from one of these locations to another, she STILL doesn’t wake up.

And Allie can sleep through anything. Through tornado sirens, thunderstorms, TV shows, laundry buzzers, doorbells, Elian’s snoring, Lexi crying/shrieking/talking at an incredibly high volume inches from her face, and Lexi hugging/kissing/holding her a thousand times a day.

So, is THIS normal newborn sleep? I’m so thankful Lexi came first and Allie came second so we weren’t spoiled to begin with.

5 thoughts on “Um…What?

  1. Our Allie did the same thing. Slept ALL the time and I could barely wake her up for the first 3 weeks. This may mean you'll have a good sleeper as well. AJ started sleeping all night at 6 weeks!!

  2. Every story you write sounds more and more like my life. I'm so glad Allie is such a good baby. My Landree was the same way and now she's teething so that's a different story :o)

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