Lexi's Favorite Phrases

As her speech continues to develop, so does the list of phrases Lexi is putting into practice. She collects them mostly from various family members and TV shows. Here are some of her favorites right now:

-No way, Jose!
-Oh, boy!
-How’ bout that?
-Hmm…that is twicky (tricky).
-Try it – you’ll like it.
-LOVE it!
-I’m not (insert adjective), I’m Lexi!
-Lexi Amrie (Marie) Tino (Levatino)
-How funny!
-That’s so tute (cute)!
-It’s really, really hard, but I can try!
-I want some delicious tookies (cookies).
-I don’t like trucks – I like tars (cars).
-Well, what waiting for, let’s keep going!
-Oh, ok, I forgot.
-That be fine.
-I so escited (excited)!
-Me three (instead of me too).
-Is that so?
-Little, tiny, little (insert noun).
-It’s ok, just a assident (accident).


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