"Disposable Marriages"

Interesting article.


5 thoughts on “"Disposable Marriages"

  1. These two lines of the article resonated with me:"As a judge I have long held a front row seat to the wreckage left behind by our culture of disposable marriage and casual divorce that my brother so despised.""But it has become too easy for people to walk away from their families and commitments without a real regard for the gravity of their decision and the consequences for other people, particularly children."I too believe it has become "too easy" to divorce. Allowing some folks to sidestep the attempt to save their marriage first, and instead "quickly" follow through a divorce instead. Sad day. Thanks for sharing.

  2. i feel like everyone gives up entirely too soon! jon & kate, for example. what if they cut off the cameras, went to councling, and tried to repair what's broke? in a year and a few years, they could reach a very happy and healed place, but giving up, they will never know. that makes me so sad. if you make that commitment to eachother and to god, it deserves the chance.

  3. I couldn't agree more with the sentiment behind this article. Personally, I regard no-fault divorce as one of the greatest social evils of our time. It's disturbing that one can often more easily get rid of a spouse of twenty six years than an employee you’ve had for two weeks. If contracts in business were run as they are in marriage, I doubt our economy could last a month. So how do you change a society drunk on its own "freedom" that increasingly refuses responsibility for anything outside of the individual? I'm honestly not sure but something needs to be done.

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