Last week Elian asked me if I was in love with the name Anna. I told him no. He then suggested we rehash the name debate to see if we could agree on a different name. Historically, we have NEVER agreed on girl names (except that once, when we named Lexi, although, Elian still wishes we had actually named her Lexi instead of Alexis). Fully convinced playing the name game would be futile, but being a little dissatisfied with Anna myself, I consulted a couple of baby name websites once more.

I spent about 30 minutes making a short list of names I liked. If memory serves me correctly, which it may or may not at this point in the pregnancy, all the names I wrote down this time were on my previous list. And we all know how that turned out – Anna was the only name we could both “live with”. But who wants to “settle” on their child’s name?

I showed Elian my new list, and the only name he liked was Allie. We tossed it around in our minds, looked up possible spellings and meanings, and decided we both liked it better than Anna. And it just so happens that Elian’s paternal grandmother was named Allie.

With the new name feeling right, we now had to decide how to spell it. Ali, Allie, Alli, Ally, or Alley. We narrowed it down to the first two spellings. Elian liked Ali, and I liked Allie. We thought about it for a few more days, and neither one of us came around to the other’s preferred spelling. So we let our family vote. And, in the end, our younger daughter’s name has finally been decided: Allie Grace Levatino. That’s good news, as I am now past the 36 week mark, and I was 2 cm at my last OB appointment. That means Allie could make her debut any time now…HOORAY!

10 thoughts on “Anna

  1. Yay, the better spelling won.:) Sorry Elian, but Allie is very cute. She won't be confused with Prince Ali ;)Can't wait to meet Allie soon enough.

  2. I'm so glad you guys have a name you like! I love the new name!! Come on, Allie! Everything's ready and we're all waiting to meet you!Praying for you guys!

  3. I love this! How exciting… Besides Allie is adorable! Like the girl in "The Notebook", right? Don't know if I am still using my pregnancy-like memory.

  4. HAHA I love the name 🙂 imagine that!!! And as far as the spelling goes…everyone thinks mine is spelled Allie so I think ir would be great. Congrats!!

  5. I can't wait to meet another "Allie"!!!! (Even if the spelling is different 😉 …) I got SUCH a kick our of Elian's message the other day! Praying for you and your beautiful family!

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