Anna's Room

Anna’s room is coming along nicely. My sweet mom, who has painted every room in our house except our bedroom, volunteered to paint Anna’s room this week. And it turned out beautifully, if I do say so myself. We were slightly more creative than we were when my mom painted Lexi’s room, which is pastel purple on all four walls. This time around we decided to stencil flowers on one wall and paint the other three walls a light green (lightened Seafoam, to be exact). We’d never stenciled before, so that was an adventure. I’ve lost track of the number of Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart runs we had to make, but everything worked out in the end. Here are some pics:

The flower wall!

Close ups of stenciled flowers.

Flower wall meets Seafoam wall…which is little bit darker than this pic makes it appear.

The finished product, with a dresser we may or may not keep.

I’m happy with how the paint turned out and excited to go bedding hunting. I’m also going to look for a solid pink or green fabric to make a curtain out of and to recover some ugly cushions on a white glider we have for the room. The dresser came from Pottery Barn Kids, but we don’t think it is big enough for Anna to continue to use as a teenager. It’d be nice if this was the last dresser we ever bought for her! We’ll see. We also have a white crib we need to assemble that friends lent us. Thanks, Miehes!


7 thoughts on “Anna's Room

  1. awesome! TOO CUTE! I love it! You should be proud of your adventure. I love that kind of look, accent wall with solid walls around it – very HGTV. 😉 Thanks for posting the pics. I think it’s GREAT!!!! Congrats on a job well done. Anna will love it!

  2. PS – Don’t our families rock!!! We wouldn’t get a single project done in our house without them! Yay for loving families that help us along the way! Yay!

  3. We found a cute pink valance at Target 🙂 It is a medium pink with a single white stripe across the bottom. Hopefully it will match close enough.

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