Wheel Woes

Along with about 3,000 others, I went to Tunica in October to try out for Wheel of Fortune. They randomly drew 300-400 names to come on stage. I was one of the first selected! We went on in groups of 5, introduced ourselves, and were given one puzzle to solve. I only got to guess one letter, but apparently that was enough for the producers to invite me and 200 others back today for a final audition!

When I got to Tunica today, they put me in a room with about 100 other people, and we solved puzzles for an hour. They called on one person at random until we all had been called on. I solved my puzzle and won a tote bag! Then we took a written test that had 16 partially solved puzzles on them. We had 5 minutes to solve as many as we could. I got 10 solved, which was more than other people I talked to. They graded our tests and came back in and told about 25 people to stay for further tryouts. But I wasn’t one of those people! I was shocked. I am disappointed and wish I knew WHY I didn’t get picked (race? age? pregnant?), but did the best I could with the things I could control and had fun in the process. Mayhaps I will tryout again sometime…


4 thoughts on “Wheel Woes

  1. Maybe you were too good?! They didnt want to keep folks that were sure they would win? Or maybe only those that finished all of their written puzzles were kept? Glad you had fun. Sorry to hear you didn’t go further.

  2. I wondered about too good but didn’t want to sound vain 🙂 What I do know is the woman next to me was white, in her 30’s, didn’t solve her puzzle, and only got 5 right on her written test, but they picked her to stay. I’m not understanding the logic there… Oh well, God does.

  3. Yeah… definitely with the info about a woman they did pick… That’s my answer. You were too good. They KNEW they’d have to pay you a good sum, and they rather have folks that are unlikely to take home the big bucks. 🙂 We’ll say it’s so…

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