16 Weeks

It’s been a month since I posted belly pics, so here they are:

I’m not sure how much weight I’ve gained so far because I wasn’t told how much I weighed on my first OB visit… But I think I gained 5 lbs since the last pics. Interesting.

My nausea has almost completely subsided, praise God. I only vomited once last week 🙂 The only physical discomfort now is the inability to breathe through my nose about 12 hrs each night. I think it is a combo of the weather making my sinuses go haywire and the pregnancy making the inside of my nose swell. Lovely.

On a better note, we have the ultrasound to check out the baby’s goodies in 3 weeks! I am excited. When we saw Lexi on ultrasound and found out she was a girl, I fell in love with her. She was no longer an impersonal being supposedly inside of me. She was a specific person, my daughter. I saw her individual vertebrae, her toes, the 4 chambers of her heart, the profile of her nose and mouth – everything. She was beautiful and perfect and our intimate relationship really began that day. I am looking forward to experiencing the same connection with our next child.


2 thoughts on “16 Weeks

  1. When I was pregnant with Andrew, I used the Breathe Right nasal strips to help me breathe better at night and during the day. It worked wonders and even helped my snoring.

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