Lexi's 25 Things

I’m taking the liberty to pick 25 random thoughts about Lexi on her behalf.

1. She can count from 1 to 13 even though I have no idea how she learned 11, 12 and 13.
2. She knows most of her capital letters.
3. She likes to tell you what to color on the page and which crayon to use but rarely colors herself.
4. She is 21 months old and is STILL afraid of the vacuum.
5. She sleeps with a different stuffed animal every night.
6. She loves fruit and will eat any type any time.
7. Vegetables, not so much.
8. She loves to read/be read to.
9. She calls herself “Lex” with a cute little lisp.
10. She hates to wear clips/bows in her hair but doesn’t mind pigtails.
11. She’s extremely nurturing toward her baby dolls, which should bode well come July.
12. She is determined to learn how to put on her shoes by herself, spending a solid 15 mins each day trying.
13. She loves to slide and hates to swing.
14. She will not eat chicken or hamburger.
15. She loves listening to Michael Bublé in the car.
16. She likes to line things up: shoes, grapes, stuffed animals.
17. Her middle name is Marie, just like her mom, grandma, and great-grandma.
18. She is somehow sensing that she will be two soon and is practicing her defiance to be ready for the big day.
19. She hardly ever gets sick, praise God!
20. She likes to pretend to sleep, snoring included.
21. She enjoys doing puzzles.
22. She loves to ride the Merry-Go-Round at the mall.
23. She talks incessantly, requiring someone to acknowledge her 95% of the time.
24. She loves to play “If You’re Happy And You Know It”.
25. She brings joy to everyone she encounters. Except doctors. She brings them hearing problems.


4 thoughts on “Lexi's 25 Things

  1. Before I read the list – after only reading the first line:You have the right to take such liberties, you birthed this girl. 🙂

  2. #15. Sweet! I like that too. Maybe I should burn a cd from you, or go buy one myself.#17. And ME!? Hey, I thought your middle name was Elizabeth?! ;)#20. Who did she learn the snore tactic from?

  3. She definitely snores and then says, “Daddy”. Not sure if she started that on her own or if the grandparents taught her…

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