12 Weeks Down

Yesterday was the 12 week mark for pregnancy #2. Whew. They tell me most people are done vomiting at 13 weeks, which sheds some hope on things. However, with Lexi, I threw up until about 20 weeks… So we’ll see. I’ve already gained some weight this time around, where as with Lexi I lost weight initially and didn’t gain any until 20 weeks. I also started 10 lbs heavier this time around. Somewhere between birthing Lexi (and coming back down to my pre-pregnancy weight immediately) and conceiving Baby #2, I picked up 10 lbs of pizza and ice cream, about which I have no regrets. I’ve gained two more pounds in the last 12 weeks due to the insatiable appetite pregnancy affords and my incredibly carb-laden diet. I’m just not that excited about meat and vegetables, but grains and fruits and desserts are right up my ally.

Anyway, here are pics from when I was 12 weeks along with Lexi:

And here are the pics from being 12 weeks along the second time around:

Ummm, wow. I’d chalk my big belly up to having twins (or quintuplets), but we’ve already had an ultrasound that said there is only one baby in there. And at my appointment last week, the nurse said the baby’s heartbeat was soft, meaning she thought the baby was small. Hmm. I guess I’ve run out of reasons for the dramatic difference in bulbousness this time around. Except for the tried and true, “The second time you always show sooner because all those muscles were stretched out the first time.” Sounds good to me!

4 thoughts on “12 Weeks Down

  1. ha! You absolutely crack me up. Love your sarcasm & wit, my friend. There is a difference btwn your last photos with Lexi and the photos from baby #2, but you'll still be a hot looking prego. No worries. 🙂 I'm sure Elian will agree. Ps. Lexi's new photo on here is GREAT!

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