Toddler Poop Theology

It’s quite obvious whenever Lexi is pooping. She stands very still, gets very quiet, and grunts. But 9 times out of 10, when I ask her if she went poop, she says no. Why? Maybe because she hates having her diaper changed. But I think it is more likely that she lies about poop because of the Fall. Not the season, but the doctrine. Lexi, like all of us, was born into sin. And as a fallen human being, she lies about things. Things like poop.

Today after she pooped, and after she lied to me about it, I got things ready to change her diaper. She wouldn’t come to me; she just stood next to the recliner and rested her head on the seat. I went over to her, scooped her up, kissed her cheek, and said, “I still love you even when you’re poopy.” And for a split second I pondered the fact that that is how we, left to our own defenses, smell to God. We smell like fresh poop, and he loves us anyway. He loves us enough to send his Son to replace our poopy odor with the scent of lilacs or fresh baked cookies or whatever it is that tickles His fancy.

And I bet He’s glad He did that, for His nose’s sake.


One thought on “Toddler Poop Theology

  1. I love this analogy Kelly! Great way to put into common terms how depraved we really are!Oh, and your ending is classic:”And I bet He’s glad He did that, for His nose’s sake.”You’re great! 🙂 Keep writing. I love it!

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