I haven’t felt like writing.

The surprise date from my husband was most excellent! We went to my favorite restaurant, Houston’s, where I ate my favorite dish, Spinach dip, and then went to see my former favorite band, Retrospect. I say former favorite band because they broke up 2 or 3 yrs ago. It was a sad day in Memphis music history. But then they decided to randomly have a reunion show, and my husband found out about it via the all-knowing Facebook network. It was a wonderful show, and they even had a “new” CD for sale of old songs they had once recorded but never released. After the show I was treated to a night of not having to get up and tend to Lexi. I even slept in til 9 AM!

I still don’t feel like writing.


2 thoughts on “Slumpy

  1. Spinach Dip is not a dish, it’s an appetizer. Don’t let the fanciness of the place fool ya. :)Glad you had a good time. And tell Elian thanks for making the rest of us all look bad.

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