Some Things I Love About My 18-Month-Old Lexi

– When she thinks I’m sleeping, she kisses me to wake me up.
– She says helpo for help because I tried to teach her to say help and elbow the same week. My bad.
– When I take her shirt off, she rubs her belly and smiles. When I take her Curious George’s shirt off, she makes him rub his belly too.
– She doesn’t understand why sandals on a rainy, cold day are a bad idea.
– She “ticks” her ball all over the house.
– She walks on her tippy toes just because she can.
– When she passes gas, she grabs her bottom and says “Hiney!” with great delight.
– When she’s looking for something, she puts her finger on her chin and says, “Hmmmm.”
– As soon as she gets in the car, she starts dancing and asking for music to be turned on.
– She waves goodbye to her cartoon friends when each show is over.
– “Lalo” means water, “mope” means milk, and “boop” means book, and I am one of only a few people who know that.
– When we go to the grocery store, she names all the characters on the balloons by the registers – “Almo” is Elmo, “Dwa” is Dora, and “Bah” is Sponge Bob. Most of the time she spots them before I do.
– When I put her shirt on, she pops her head through and says “Boo!” as if she’s scaring me.
– She laughs every time someone says the word funny.
– She poops in her diaper and then sits on her potty and says “poop!”
– She shares her sippy cup with her babies.
– She likes to touch other kids’ hair because it’s soft.
– When I change her diaper, she hugs and kisses her feet.
– She combs her babies’ hair, even if they are bald.
– She helps me fold the laundry by matching socks.
– When I am putting on my make up, she stands behind me and pretends to put on her make up.
– When her Daddy leaves for work, she always wants to give him just one more kiss.


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