Falling Back

Back in the day, B.L. (Before Lexi), turning the clocks back an hour was like Christmas. I’d look forward to it with an unparalleled giddiness the whole month of October. An extra hour of sleep was the most enjoyable gift the government had ever given me (remember, B.L. was also B.T.R., Before Tax Rebates).

But lots of things change when you have a child, including your outlook on Day Light Savings Time. It seems that when you are a baby, you don’t understand the concept of falling back (nor of springing forward – somehow Lexi thinks that because the whole U.S. is losing an hour, save a couple of weirdo states, she should sacrifice an hour of sleep time, too). So instead of summoning me with her sweet voice between 7-7:30 AM, today I began to hear the “Mamas” at ten minutes to 6 AM.

By 5:50 AM I myself had only accumulated 6 hours of sleep, so I decided to wait Lexi out to see if she’d fall back asleep. I thought she did because I didn’t hear her call me again until 20 minutes later. “Mama?….Mama?….Maaaamaaa?…Mom?…Muhmuh?…Mama?” I begrudgingly got out of bed at 6:10 AM to discover Lexi had made me a present. And due to her recent illness, this particular present overflowed her diaper. My plan of retrieving Lexi from her crib and bringing her back to my bed to snuggle for another hour while watching T.T. (Lexi’s attempt at T.V.) was thwarted. Instead I spent 6:15-7:45 AM washing Lexi, her pajamas, and her changing pad cover.

The moral of the story is to respond to the first “Mama” when your child has been having diarrhea for 5 days.

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