Lexi is adding to her vocabulary at a record pace these days. I’ve read that when you are 18 months old (which Lexi will be on the 30th) you are acquiring the ability to understand one new word every 90 minutes, or some crazy fast rate like that. And 18 months is the age your pace piques at. Never again will Lexi acquire language with such ease.

I’d say her list of words/sounds include: up, uh-oh, help, apple, elbow, Elmo, nana (for banana), pa (for Grandpa), mama, dada, poop, moo, a form of meow, a form of moon, deedee (for baby, which counts as a word because she consistently calls babies deedees), a form of Kyle, a form of door, wall, ball, bowl, ham, shh, a form of shoe, a form of roll, a form of toe, eye, and knee.

What’s more impressive is how many words and concepts she understands. She has managed to learn complex concepts like breathe and non-literal commands like walk on your hands – i.e. on all fours.

That is all.


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