Human Pillow

We are on vacation right now, which means Lexi is sleeping in a port-a-crib in my room. She went to bed 2.5 hrs late last night, and we traveled one time zone later, so I was praying that she would sleep past 8 AM, local time. Not so.

She woke up groggy about 7 AM, realized she wasn’t at home, and began surveying her new environment. That’s when she spotted Mommy on the bed. Once she saw me, she had to come get in bed with me. She was still tired, so I scooped her up as quickly as I could, and laid back down with her on my bed. She knew she was still tired, so she tried to get comfortable enough to fall back asleep.

I don’t know why, but whenever I bring her to sleep in my bed, which is seldom, Lexi finds the only way she can fall back to sleep is if she uses my face as a pillow. Most of the time, as was the case this morning, she wants me to turn my head side ways so she can lay her left cheek on my right cheek. Sometimes she likes to climb over me and put her chest on my cheek and rest her head upside down on the slope of my head. Odd. Many times the child actually falls back asleep in these crazy positions. But guess who doesn’t. Mama. In fact, I do everything I can just to make sure I can still breathe. And although I usually find this AM charade comes too early to be entertaining, by the time she falls asleep on me, I am reminded of how cute she really is and of how blessed I am to be Lexi’s mama.

One thought on “Human Pillow

  1. PLEASE!!!!! have Elian take a picture of that sometime for me. Please. I’m struggling with the full visual effect, and know a picture would make it so much more clearly. ha ha ha! craziness. That’s so odd.

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