We took Lexi to an ophthalmologist today, and he ruled out all the serious terrifying diseases. As far as the physical structures go, Lexi’s eyes are 100% healthy. This doctor also treats Elian’s mom, and he said her disease, histoplasmosis, is not inheritable, which is great news. He has now referred us to a pediatric optometrist who will test Lexi’s vision and decide whether or not she needs glasses. We should see him next week, hopefully.

For the record, Lexi cried 4 times at this doctor’s office. So, apparently, she is scared of ALL people wearing scrubs, not just her pediatrician. She cried when she got eye drops to dilate her eyes, but that was an invasion of personal space by a stranger as well as physical discomfort. She cried when they attempted to take pictures of her eyes because they wanted her to hold her head at a weird angle. Needless to say, the actual picture taking was deemed impossible and the mission was abandoned after several shrills. Then she cried when the doctor made her lay down so he could examine her – i.e. – shine a bright light in her dilated eyes. And on the way out she cried when we stopped to make a follow up appointment because the man helping us was wearing scrubs. SAD!

I can’t help but wonder how all of these painful, frightening interactions with doctors and nurses are negatively shaping her psyche. But what can I do?


One thought on “Opthalmologist

  1. I feel like I turned out alright (leave that up to you to decide, I guess) and I had PLENTY of doctor appointments as a little one. From the regular doctors to the Pee Pee doctors – due to intense constant bladder infections, etc. She’ll be fine, I bet she will not remember these instances, let alone be negatively shaped because of them. But what do I know – I don’t have kids. 😉 Glad everything is okay!

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